Calling your representative is a little step with a big impact. advocate for the children in your community.

  1. You can reach US representatives by calling 202-225-3121, and US senators by calling 202-224-3121. Ask the operator to connect you to the individual office. If you do not know the names of your members of Congress or want the direct line to their office, you can find your senators here and your representative here.

  2. When you connect with your representative or their office, state that you are their constituent and give your name and the town you’re calling from.

  3. Let the office know immediately why you are calling.

Deliver this message:

We will update this area of the site as important legislative issues related to childhood hunger in Baltimore County and the state of Maryland arise.

  • I’m calling from Food for Thought, a nonprofit serving food insecure public school students in [Representative’s] district.

  • I’m concerned about [Bill] because […]

  • I’m asking you to [Support / Oppose] [Bill]