We want to take this space to thank our partners for the work you do.

We are deeply grateful for your willingness to serve the most vulnerable members of our communities.

As you grow in your relationship with your school, you will adapt some of your practices to best meet the needs of the school and the students you serve, but here are a few best practices to get you started.

  • Bags can be borrowed from the Church of the Holy Comforter, but you are not required to do so. Use is at the discretion of the school and the FFT partner.

  • Your Term of Commitment lasts through the school year in question. Partners must let Christie Carr know by June 1st if you intend to withdraw from the program.

  • Drop-off often occurs on Wednesday or Thursday, according to individual schools’ policies, but check with your school to create a drop-off schedule that works for you both.

  • During Winter and Spring Breaks some partners are able to provide extra deliveries of food to get students through these breaks. Some partners are even able to coordinate these efforts for the longer Summer Break. This is not required, but if you feel that your organization is capable of providing such support, talk to your school PPW or counselor to coordinate a process that works for you and the students you serve. Some partners even adopt their families for the holidays to provide further support. While not required, some partners find this an awarding way to embrace their students and their families during the holiday season.

  • FFT Baltimore County provides a consistent recommended Menu that balances shelf stability, nutrition, and price. Partners should try to maintain the spirit of this menu, though we understand they may vary based on the ability of your organization and your relationship with the school. We encourage attention to expiration dates. Board member Judy Kimmel—a nutritionist—and other members of the board will attend a packing day at each partner’s location to provide suggestions and support. Below you will find our suggested menu: