Food for Thought Baltimore County is a coalition of civic organizations, businesses, faith-based communities, and individuals concerned by the impact of food insecurity on our communities.



Monica M. Butta, President, can be reached at president[at] foodforthought [dot] com

Shirley Lindsey, Treasurer, can be reached at treasurer [at] foodforthought [dot] com

Nancy Peper, Secretary, can be reached at secretary [at] foodforthought [dot] com


LuAnn Blackman, Fundraising, can be reached at fundraising [at] foodforthought [dot] com

Monica Butta, Community & Partners, can be reached at partners [at] foodforthought [dot] com


LuAnn Blackman, St. Paul School for Girls

Monica M. Butta, Johns Hopkins Medicine

Melissa DiDinato, Baltimore County Public Schools

Alayna Hayes, Johns Hopkins Medicine

Judy Kimmel, Baltimore County Public Schools

Cindy Levering, Handel Choir

Shirley Lindsey, Lindsey and Associates

Nancy Peper, McCormick and Company

Reverend Christopher Tang, Church of the Holy Comforter Episcopal